Lake Metroparks Hogsback Ridge/Atchison Property

Lake County Metroparks

Overview: You have three options once you arrive at Atchison:

Option #1: Just before the gate is the trailhead on the right.  The tight single-track here may be muddy so you may want option 2.  If you decide to take it then continue staying to the right most of the loop until it comes out into an opening by a gated pump.  Turn left here and continue back up the double-track until you can enter the single-track again on your right.

Option #2: Start riding through the gate along the rocky double-track until the road turns to the right.  Just after turning right you will see a trailhead on the left that goes into single-track.

Option #3:  Start riding thru the gate and keep going straight.  You will end up at the river where the technical/easy section end.

Once you are back on the single-track you will now be crusin' thru the wooded trail till the trail splits.  Stay to the right and head into the single-track in a counterclockwise manner.  You should see some wood directional arrows.  If you stay on the outer most section then you will soon be following the ravine and the river on your right (see the above picture on the right).  This trail will eventually hit a fork in the trail where you can take the advanced section on the right or the easy section on the left down to the river.  You should see signs for "Advanced" and "Novice".  If you did option 3, this is where you would end up.

Once you are at the river bed you can either climb back up the easy section or try going up the technical section.  Once back to the top, you can continue heading around the outer most loop counterclockwise.  There are also some center cut trails you may want to try to familiarize yourself with the whole area.

Have fun and enjoy!

-Review by Dick Kandalec

Directions:  From Cleveland, take I-90 East out of town, past 44, past Vrooman road, to 528. There's a water tower with horses around it and a McDonald's. Make a right. Turn left at the next road - there's a Marathon gas station at the corner. Go down the road about a mile. You will pass Bates Road. Trail comes up about a half mile after Bates Rd. across the street from a gas well. Park in the gravel parking area.

In case this lot is full (The lot only holds about 8 cars...) you will need to park back at Riverview Park.  To find Riverview Park, head back west to Bates Rd. turn left on Bates and stay on it until it ends into River Rd.  Turn right on River Rd. and travel a short distance to Bailey Rd. and turn left on Bailey and head into the parking lot at Riverview Park on your left.  Parking here will give you a nice 1.7 mile warm-up road ride to Atchinson!

Driving time from Cleveland: 1 Hour

This trail is reviewed and maintained by CAMBA.