Bike Aboard! on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

We are proud to be the exclusive bicycle shop supporter of the CVSR Bike Aboard service!

Ride the Rail - Bike the Trail!

Bike the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, then hop on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad train for a relaxing ride back to your car! For only $5 you can load your bike aboard Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad for a one-way trip. Or, do it in reverse! Pick the boarding station where you want to get off and enjoy biking back to your car along the Towpath Trail.

  • Please arrive at a boarding station 10 minutes prior to the train's scheduled arrival.
  • The train can be flagged down at boarding stations by waving both arms over your head.
  • Purchase your ticket when you board.
  • One way between stations, once per day.
  • $5 per person for ages 3 and up, includes your bicycle, exact change is appreciated.
  • No guaranteed seats.

PLEASE NOTE: Through June of 2018, you will NOT be able to use the Bike Aboard service with our Towpath Trail Bicycle Rental service. This is because of construction closures on the Towpath Trail to the north and south of Peninsula. If you board the train in Peninsula, it will NOT be possible to bike on the Towpath Trail to return to Peninsula.

2018 Schedule

April 2018: Saturdays and Sunday ONLY
May 2018: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays ONLY

PLEASE NOTE: We provide this information as a courtesy to Century Cycles and CVSR customers, and it is subject to change. Please see the CVSR web site for the most up-to-date information.

Rockside Road: 9:00am
Canal Exploration Center: 9:05am
Brecksville: 9:25am
Boston Mill: 9:35am
Peninsula: Arrives 9:40am, Departs 9:50am
Indigo Lake: 10:05am
Botzum: 10:15am
Big Bend: 10:25am
Akron: 10:35am

Akron: 10:55am
Big Bend: 11:05am
Botzum: 11:15am
Indigo Lake: 11:25am
Peninsula: Arrives 11:35am, Departs 11:45am
Boston Mill: 11:50am
Brecksville: 12:00pm
Canal Exploration Center: 12:20pm
Rockside Road: 12:30pm

Rockside Road: 12:50pm
Canal Exploration Center: 1:00pm
Brecksville: 1:20pm
Boston Mill: 1:30pm
Peninsula: Arrives 1:35pm, Departs 1:45pm
Indigo Lake: 2:00pm
Botzum: 2:10pm
Big Bend: 2:20pm
Akron: 2:30pm

Akron: 2:50pm
Big Bend: 3:00pm
Botzum: 3:10pm
Indigo Lake: 3:30pm
Peninsula: Arrives 3:30pm, Departs 3:40pm
Boston Mill: 3:45pm
Brecksville: 3:55pm
Canal Exploration Center: 4:15pm
Rockside Road: 4:25pm